Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Marketing holds a key role in promoting a product or service. With strategic planning & mass advertisement campaigns we can sell products even if the quality is low. Today there are many ways to market a product/service. One of the best, cost-effective & targeted advertisement platform is SMS Marketing as mobile has become an inevitable accessory in our life. Promotional SMS will be delivered right to the customers’ mobile phones and they can use the information at any time they wish as the message will be usually saved in the phone.
SMS Marketing is useful for all types of businesses especially in targeting the local customers. With the help of Bulk SMS Campaigns you can increase your sale by 200% in just a couple of days during the festivals or promotions.
SMS Marketing service is good for promotions as well as communication with your customers and convey your brand message or to develop strong brand awareness among the mass.

Promotional SMS

Suppose if Mr. Rohit is planning to buy a pair of shoes, normally he goes to the market, search any retailer and buy a pair of shoes. But had if Mr.Rohit received a promotional SMS from your Shop saying “Flat 10% Discount for all Shoes Items” then he would have definitely come to your shop. This is how Promotional SMS works.

Festival Greeting SMS

Suppose if Mrs. Rani bought some garments from your shop a couple of months ago, and you have collected her mobile number then. You are sending a greeting SMS the right time on the eve of a festival season, when people are willing for shopping. Here your greeting SMS will definitely bring Mrs. Rani & family to your shop again.

Building Customer Database

Building your customer database is very important for a long term & memorable business relationship. We have sophisticated tools to build & organize your customer database without comprising on the security measurements.
SMS Campaigns works differently for different category of business; we have short listed few category of business below.
           Retail Outlets
           Educational Institutions
           Educational Consultancies
           Banking & Financial Sector
           Travel & Tourism
           Clubs & Societies
           Real Estate
           Automobile Industry
           Stock Market Companies
           Job Consultancies
           IT & ITES Service Companies
           MLM Companies